Wing Hong Yip Dragon Style Kung Fu Club

Dragon Style Kung Fu

Dragon Style Kung Fu was one of the five original systems of Chinese boxing that originated from the Shaolin Temple. Lam Yew Kwai was the first member of the public to learn this esoteric art from Monk Tai Yuk Sim See during the late 1800s. Before Great Grandmaster Lam learned Dragon Style Kung Fu, this system of Chinese boxing was confined to the temple walls where few people knew about its existence. Grandmaster Lam taught the system to individuals throughout China and the former British colony of Hong Kong, including Chinese troops during World War II and union members in Hong Kong. One of his students is Cho Sam who studied both Bak Mei (White Eyebrow) and Dragon Style Kung Fu; they are sister systems in Kung Fu. Grandmaster Cho would teach the complete Dragon Style Kung Fu system to Sifu Yip Wing Hong. Sifu Yip would be one of the first individuals to spread the art in the United States.

Dragon Style Kung Fu is a defensive and offensive combat system utilizing various hand techniques and low kicks that strikes and traps the opponent. The dragon stylist presses relentlessly against the opponent with an unremitting chain of attack, while employing a series of swift footwork, punches, grabs, locks, open handed strikes and kicks that are delivered rarely above the waist. Form drills are the essence of dragon style that requires stamina since techniques are executed with external power (waist) and internal power (breathing). The use of external and internal powers are not mutually exclusive, as the combination will maximize the practitioner's strikes. The dragon stylist does not use brute force and muscular strength but develops sound waist power and applies similar Tai Chi principles. It is an excellent self-defense system for women and people of all physical sizes.

Training in Dragon Style Kung Fu is rigorous but rewarding. It involves developing powerful strikes and an awareness of the entire body for swiftness in defending and countering a sudden attack. A newcomer to Dragon Style first learns basic blocks, strikes, stances, and footwork. Dragon Style Kung Fu provides a strong cardiovascular workout coupled with developing a strong skill set in self-defense. Over the years, the student advances through several stages of training, with each stage building on the previous stage. Advancement is based solely on individual merit. There are no colored sashes or upgrading tests. Since Dragon Style Kung Fu is rarely taught in North America, few have have seen this rare blend of both external and internal powers.

Students attend classes that revolve around their busy schedules. The flexibility of weekday night and weekend morning classes have allowed students from diverse backgrounds to learn at their convenience. This provides a diverse, rich and dynamic learning environment for our students.